We provide most, if not all, licensed aircraft tools and ground support equipment to major airlines and MRO companies around the world.

Onsite International's global capacity is flexible to meet our customers' requirements, which include but are not limited to manufacturing, design, calibration, maintenance and validation of loads.
Several of our major OEM customers:
· Airbus Defence and Aerospace (Level I)
· Airbus helicopter (Level 1)
BAE Systems (Level 1)
· Boeing aircraft
· Lufthansa Technologies
· Rolls-Royce
· Rolls-Royce Navy

The experience of international companies in the field enables us to offer highly competitive prices and quality service to airlines and maintenance bases around the world, taking full advantage of our low-cost global manufacturing and service centers.
Aircraft production tool

Field international design and manufacture of a range of aircraft production tools. We take pride in our licensing agreements and work closely with our aircraft manufacturers to develop high-quality products designed with safety, use, purpose, life and customer satisfaction in mind.

Past projects include the design, manufacture and installation of clamps for wing skin panels for Airbus A 318 and A 320 aircraft at the Chester facility, UK. Design and manufacture of wing transport fixtures for A 318/A 319/A 320 and A 321 Airbus aircraft. Several custom storage containers, one example of which is an internal transport container for engine turbine storage.

Professional equipment

Field International has extensive knowledge in aerospace and defense, and we also provide specialized equipment support to other customers in different markets. We support our global customers with precision machinery workshops, manufacturing and assembly units in Europe and Asia.

Field international has the understanding and experience to provide professional products, services and solutions.

Examples of our work include:. Cfm56-2 heat treatment process heater - main bearing shaft. Simulator test box -A 320/A 321 main landing gear simulator test box

As a supplier of Boeing, Airbus helicopters and Airbus defense and space One layers, Field International is proud to support our customers around the world.

In April 2009, a year after we received the Airbus license, our Singapore plant (FieldInternationalPTE) received the Boeing Aircraft Tools license. This has enabled them to successfully manufacture, calibrate, repair and supply maintenance tools for all Boeing series aircraft from popular conventional aircraft, such as B 737 and B 777. We are currently the market leader in B 787 MAX Tooling.
Field International, a tier 1 supplier to Airbus Defense and Aerospace, has invested in the design and manufacture of the A400M assembly tools and will own global intellectual property and manufacturing rights to 32 maintenance GSE tools.

Field international companies have worked in the defense sector for more than 20 years, supporting existing products, helping to build tools or designing and manufacturing specialized equipment.

With our global manufacturing base network in the UK, Singapore and China, FieldInternational handles a wide variety of projects, both short and long term, covering land systems, Naval engineering and military aircraft GSES.

The International Field Service received the Department of Defense Quality Award from the United States Government. The prestigious award is in recognition of a major international defense contract awarded to BAE Systems by the international Support group.

Notable projects in the past include the design of several aircraft maintenance tools for the upcoming Airbus A400M, including rudder/mounting tools, Rolls-Royce WR 21 engine storage and transport design, and various intake and exhaust bonnet, work pads and heater blankets.

FieldInternational is a design engineer and manufacturer of precision tools for aircraft and military customers. Provide assembly and production tools. We have developed a wide range of custom services and follow our growing reputation, Field International has been awarded a global aircraft tool licensor for Boeing aircraft Tools, and we are a tier 1 supplier of Airbus helicopters and Airbus defence and space.

High quality design engineer team

We are engaged in the design of aircraft ground support equipment, maintenance tools, aircraft main assembly fixtures, wing repair tools and other fixtures for different industries such as railways, ships and general production line facilities.

On-site International provides CE scoring services, both for our designs and for our own designs. Our facilities use the latest software packages.

All design and manufacturing projects will provide complete operation and maintenance manuals that will fully comply with the requirements of the latest CE&Doc(Compliance Statement) regarding the supply of machinery safety Regulations 2006/42/EC or similar documents.

Field International designs and manufactures the main terminal assembly line tools for airbus A380 FAL. These tools now appear in the Airbus maintenance manual.

There is a complete inspection team equipped with on-site coordination measuring machines to ensure customer requirements are met and work in accordance with the British standards ISO 9001 and AS 9100.

Experts project

Foreign international companies involved in a variety of specialized mechanical parts projects. Such as:

A diffuser is a research and development project; There, Lufthansa asked international airlines to come up with a way to remove the worn or damaged diffuser, process the repaired weld area and braze the diffuser back together.
Computerized candlestick jack, made for British Airways; Designed for Concorde.

Aircraft parts

Several examples of items designed and manufactured internationally in the field:

Customize the intake and exhaust panels and LIDS,
A working pad for intake and cold water pipes to protect the acoustic lining from damage to personnel and tools.
Custom Coraline edge protection pad and computer controlled jack.
The nose and tail cone bonnet covers, provided to Bombardier, short brother, are used to protect the engine when it is discontinued.

FieldInternational has a team of qualified design engineers in Europe, Asia and the Americas who specialize in 'critical' design, development, manufacturing and installation projects. Take advantage of the latest design and production technology.

Foreign international intellectual property tools

FielInternational has a team of dedicated design engineers and will work on the design and manufacture of space tools, including the manufacture of the FIL part number tool (IP owned by Field International Limited).

As part of its long-standing relationship with Airbus, Nodi International designs and manufactures many of the tools that appear in the Airbus aircraft maintenance manual. These tools are configured with the following part number "FIL," followed by four Numbers and sometimes a letter (for example, FIL8700A).

Aircraft ground support equipment

Field International specializes in aircraft fixtures, fixtures and ground support equipment (landing gear removal and installation range, as well as handling trolleys), engine handling equipment and trolleys, trailers, jack test equipment and electronic landing gear simulator kits.

Field International designs and manufactures A range of aircraft jigs and fixtures, including A 318/319/320/321 wing transport jigs, wing repair and wing skin jigs (commissioned by Airbus Chester).